From Here To There

ISBN 13: 978-0-9769093-0-9

ISBN 10: 0-9769093-0-8

Eagle Creek Publications, LLC introduces the first “Express Yourself” book, From Here To There.  It is a rhythmic, poetic story about the journey of a young person struggling with emotions related to his father’s death and his own terminal illness.  A book you will treasure about the roller coaster ride of emotions each of us experiences in the tough transitional journeys from here to there.  Activity pages included following the story.

Excerpts from the text:

Tell me, tell me if you dare,
‘Bout the journey from here to there.

The answers are within – just listen,
Soon you’ll find your soul will glisten.

So, let’s look inside your soul,
And explore your feelings, that’s the goal….

…Mad is another feeling I know –
Then let it out or your top you’ll blow….

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