“Incredibly Lonely, That’s Me”
5.0 out of 5 stars

 Highly recommended, especially as a tool to share with young people to help them work through their feelings.

--From the Midwest Book Review

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Incredibly Lonely, That?s Me takes the reader on a journey to the center of life?s tough times, the intense feeling of loneliness.  A young girl explores loneliness after losing her big sister.  As a nine year old, Melissa willingly works through loneliness.  She discovers a rainbow of hope?while her sister will always be missed, Melissa finds her sister is always with her.  Activity pages included following the story. 

Excerpts from the text:

?Come with me to my world,
A place I didn?t think I?d ever know.

Come with me to my world,
And let all your feelings grow?.

?Here in my world I deal with lonely all the time.
You see I lost my big sister when I was only nine?.

?Yes, I miss my sister and I believe I always will
But even in my loneliness, she surrounds me still!...

Release Date September 2007

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Incredibly Lonely,
Thats's Me



Best Books 2007 Awards

Finalist in two categories
Children?s Picture Book
Hardcover Non-Fiction
Health:  Death and Dying

2008 Independent Publisher Award
Gold Medal
Outstanding Book of the Year
Most Inspirational to Youth


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