Ben Keckler visits schools, bookstores, organizations, and companies. He is available for presentations to students, In-service presentations to teachers and workshops or seminars for social workers and counselors.

He is passionate about spending time sharing with children, youth and adults the importance of all their feelings from the happy and glad to the mad and sad. He takes a proactive stance in helping guide children and adults to emotional health. With all the change and loss issues faced by our society, it is necessary to stress the importance of our emotional health, which does affect our physical health.

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A presentation topic may be tailored to your specific needs. Examples of themes that Ben addresses in seminars and workshops include:

Elementary School"Letting Your Emotions Dance"
Junior High/Middle School"Express Yourself How Do I Do That?"
High School"Naming and Claiming Tough Time Feelings"
For all school ages"How a Children's Book Is Created"
Adults"Will I Dance Again?"
 "Getting to the Core of Pain"
 "So May Questions! How About Answers!"
 "Express Yourself Letting Feelings Live"
 "Presenteeism in the Classroom"
 "Presenteeism in the Workplace and Our Culture"

Presently as Director of Chaplaincy at Hendricks Regional Health, Ben focuses on individual and group support for those dealing with cancer and grief. As a bereavement expert and pastoral counselor, Ben listens to the heart songs of hurting souls as he sits with people in the painful moments of their lives. His 35 year career includes ministry in the local parish, teaching at a theological seminary and four challenging years as chaplain at a children's home for emotionally disturbed teenagers. His undergraduate degree from Indiana University is in the field of elementary education. His graduate studies include a divinity degree from Winebrenner Theological Seminary and clinical residency work at Clarian Health Partners.

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