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Thanks to our 2010 participating camps!

Third year of participation

Camp Atagahi, Columbus, Ohio

Trails of Hope Camp, Lafayette, Indiana

Second year of participation

Camp Forget-Me-Not/Camp Erin, Washington, DC

Camp Healing Heart, Champaign, Illinois

First year of participation

Camp Courage, St. Louis, Missouri

Camp Erin – Anchorage, Anchorage, Alaska

Camp Erin – Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio

Camp Erin – Lewis Clark Valley, Idaho

Camp Erin – Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Camp Erin – St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri

Camp Erin – San Diego, San Diego, California

Camp Erin – San Francisco, San Francisco, California

Camp Erin – Tampa Bay, Tampa, Florida

Camp Erin – Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Camp Evergreen, South Bend, Indiana


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Magnets (star, heart, shirt) individually made by polymer clay artist, Jane Hubbard.
Art Kits for the activity pages in From Here To There are at a new price.
The Treasure Boxes are a touching remembrance.


Upcoming Books

Future Eagle Creek Publications include:

  • Confuzzled Christmas, a story of a Christmas tree that was chosen to live in a family of grievers. Discover some of the emotions grieving people face during the holiday season
  • Crazy Confusion, insights about the internal confusion people face in transitions
  • Hey! I’m Only 11!, a look at the dance of anger in the grief experience
  • Kelseybeans, a hopeful journey with a grieving youngster dealing with self-blame and sleep deprivation
  • One Life, Two Lives, Three Lives, Four, a look at the significance of organ and tissue donation for our culture.
  • Take Me to Ireland, a story about the importance of dreams in difficult times

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