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We are a niche publishing company dedicated to teaching adults and children vital, healing lessons about our emotional health, especially during the times of loss and grief.

We work together with grieving people, dedicated to sharing the difficult and sometimes painful stories that accompany illness, death and transition.

We are dedicated to helping people heal and grow.

We are dedicated to helping people find a rainbow of hope.


Thank you for visiting our website. We create books for children (and the child within each of us) who are traveling through the tough times of grief, loss and transition. If you are looking to understand your new "normal," if you are experiencing a range of feelings such as mad, sad, lonely, or scared, if you are sorting through the fog and cobwebs of grief, we are here to assist you on your journey. The books in the Express Yourself series are true stories told in verse about children and for children.

Better Days Program

Better Days offers donors an opportunity to help children continue the healing they receive following their participation in a grief camp. Donors purchase books. These books are then given to camp children to take home with them, allowing them to continue to address the emotional pain they feel from the death of their loved one. In 2010 grief camps participating in the Better Days program ranged from Florida to Alaska, from California to Washington, DC.

Two comments from campers in 2010:

“One night one of our campers, a 9 year old African-American boy, said to his Cabin Big Buddy, ‘This book is tight. I understand her. I feel just like the girl in the book.’”

“Our campers loved the book. I had a young boy who I continue to counsel pull his book out the other day and say, ‘I want to read my Camp Erin book!’”

Donors purchase books at 25% off. A child attending a participating grief camp receives a book. A gold label is placed in the book recognizing your contribution. Click here to see the Better Days brochure for complete information. Donations to the Better Days program can be made from the Shop Online page or by completing the brochure form and mailing to Eagle Creek Publications.


Ben Keckler is available for school presentations to children, for workshops and seminars for teachers, guidance counselors, and social workers. Click here for more information on these presentations. Information also on the Speakers page.

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